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Europa Linguarum 1365

To celebrate the 650th anniversary of the University of Vienna, a multidimensional virtual map is being planned. The map will display the language diversity in Europe at the time of the founding of our university (1365), illustrating not only the geographic dimensions of diversity but also the complex diversity of language varieties, multilingual language use patterns and language contacts which characterised Europe already in the Middle Ages.

As part of the celebrations, the project will be presented in September 2015 at a symposium to which international experts from all parts of Europe will be invited. The symposium will focus on diverse issues of historical-linguistic research: How can we study the societal dynamics and mutual relationships of languages in the 14th century? What can we know of languages which in the 14th century were still spoken but are now extinct, and with what kind of methods can we research very sparsely documented or substrate languages? How do we describe continuity and change in historical linguistics, and how do we divide it into periods ("Early", "Old", "Middle"...)?

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